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Paint the Chip NOT the Car!

ChipsAway of Armstrong:    724 - 763 - 7949

ask for Dennis Miller

Cell phone: 724-664 -4069

Serving Armstrong, Cambria, Clarion, Indiana.


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When chips, scratches and scuffs appear on your vehicle don't:

bullet Repaint your car!

Lose money on your trade-in!


Wait until your paint blisters and rusts!


Let your investment deteriorate!


Buy a new vehicle because of poor appearance!


Our Unique Services Include Repairing:

bullet Stone Chips
bullet Key Scratches
bullet Bumper Scuffs
bullet Clear Coat Scratches
bullet Alloy Wheels
bullet Plastic Wheel Covers
bullet Fender/Door Scrapes
bullet Windshield Repair
bullet Interior Repair

Insist on the ChipsAway repair method, the AFFORDABLE one day service!

Repaired on your location or your convenience.

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