Your New Vehicle's Finish will be in HUNDREDS of Collisions in the Next Year!


That's right, in fact, every car on the road will be bombarded by hundreds, maybe even thousands of objects every year. Objects that will chip the paint and if neglected will permanently damage your vehicle's finish

Your only choice, until now, has been to have entire panels painted, regardless of the size of the damage. This method proves to be expensive. It also devalues your vehicle, because any sign of repainting leads to suspicion of major collisions.

And if you chose to repaint entire panels, you will be without the use of your vehicle for days and gamble on potential paint mismatches.

The ONLY solution is a Miller Paint Repair paint maintenance program that paints the chip, scratches, scuffs, and not the entire car!


These unsightly key scratches, paint chips and minor bumper scuffs are common on virtually every make and model of automobile. Your authorized Miller Paint Repair Facility can restore your car's paint by a computerized factory paint reproduction process. The result is a permanent color matched paint finish without compromising the integrity of the factory paint.

After applying a special treatment to your vehicle, through a revolutionary process, Miller Paint Repair will match your factory paint and repair those unsightly chips without repainting the whole vehicle and eliminates amateur looking touch ups.

Thanks to a NEW technology, authorized Miller Paint Repair facility can maintain your vehicle's original factory finish with an affordable ongoing maintenance program.

Your Miller Paint Repair  technician can offer you same day service repairing unsightly scratches, chips and scuffs in a professional, permanent, color accurate and virtually undetectable manner.


  Interior Repair such as burn holes, small tears and worn color.

 Windshield chips repaired.